Crooks (AKA Why I Start My Posts with ‘Dear Reader’)

Dear Reader,

One may wonder why I bother with posting those two words. It’s quite simple really. It’s inspired by the song “Dear Reader” by Crooks.



Obviously, that would indicate that I am a fan of Crooks, and I most certainly am. I was first introduced to this band on Youtube, deciding to check out some new music. After listening to their single “A Few Peaceful Days” I knew I’d found something special.

Crooks manage to balance a sense of emotion with energetic music which never gets in the way of the former. I find a lot of ‘Emo’ bands to be a bit slow and dreary for my personal tastes, but Crooks manages to bring a great dynamic to there music.

Their debut album Are We All the Same Distance Apart is one of my favorites from 2015 and probably up there with my all-time favorites. This album made one bold change in their music regarding vocals. Instead of using harsh vocals, frontman Josh (could not find his last name for the life of me) decided to harness his voice to it’s fullest potential. The result is honestly fantastic and manages to still feel emotional.

The other thing that stands out on this album is the incredible drumming. Some of the more energetic songs such as “Above Me”, “A Few Peaceful Days” and “Dear Reader” are the highlights in this regard.


There’s been no news on a follow-up album, but I hope it comes soon.  The band has released a song recently titled “.NEVAREHT” but that’s about it. Crooks are an amazing band with a bright future despite their gloomy music.


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