Stupid People Watching Stupid People

Dear Reader,

I’ve never understood the fascination with people who are famous just because they are famous. You know the cocksuckers with the reality TV show that displays there ‘day to day’ (*cough* scripted *cough*) lives. I mean even that stupid little ‘Howboutdat’ cunt is getting her own show. You know it’s time to stop when we’re celebrating a disrespectful, illiterate 13 year old girl.

It’s one thing to seek escapism. Everyone needs to unwind. Hell I’m jamming out to a playlist of my favorite music as I type this. I just don’t see the entertainment in watching stupid people in heavily scripted shows when you have so much at entertainment at your fingertips.

I don’t really have anything else to say on the subject really. Fuck reality TV.


Your Writer


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