Day of Infamy CO-OP Review – Brutal WWII Tactical Shooter

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Day of Infamy is a World War 2 themed First Person Shooter developed and published by New World Interactive, best known for their previous game Insurgency. The game plays similar to Insurgency featuring a combination of fast-paced movement with more realistic weapon handling. This review will focus on the Co-Operative mode as that’s the mode that interested me the most, and the limited amount of servers in Australia.

As in Insurgency, the player has to select a class before joining the action. Each class serves a purpose, from area denial, to close quarters combat, to long-range precision. Most classes can be devastating if used right, but can become very vulnerable in situations that don’t suit them.

Each of the three armies (American, German and Commonwealth) featured have unique weapons and equipment that offer enough variety to allow for different tactical approaches, but balanced enough so that no faction feels overpowered.

Sound design and atmosphere is something that has been absolutely nailed. Artillery strikes shake the ground and cause ears to ring. Soldiers cough as they run through smoke from grenades and scream when set on fire by flamethrowers. Officers shout for artillery over the radio. Machine guns bark furiously when fired, especially the rapid firing German MG 42. It could arguably have more gore, but overall it certainly brings an intense feeling.

Combat itself is often brutal. Although pistols and submachine guns may require a few shots to take out a target, rifles and belt-fed machine guns often only require one round to put somebody down. Fragments from grenades can travel much further than other games, causing injury.

CO-OP has three modes: Stronghold, Raid, and Entrenchment. Stronghold involves the players capturing or destroying various objectives. In Raid, there are three randomized objectives which players must find. Entrenchment requires the player to fend off waves of enemies.

I find Entrenchment to be the most enjoyable mode, as it’s pretty simple and easy enough with a decent team, although not so easy that it allows for the player to be complacent. Stronghold is also pretty fun with an objective-minded team, but Raid really requires a very coordinated team which is rare in public play.

The biggest flaw with Day of Infamy is that it plays very similar to Insurgency. At times it feels more like a well-made mod rather than a full title. I do feel overall Day of Infamy¬†offers enough different features, but if you’ve put a lot of time into Insurgency this game might feel a bit routine.

The AI is also pretty dumb. Although at range they can prove to be deadly accurate, up close they tend to freeze up. I’ve also seen entire squads of soldiers funnel into a room where I had my machine gun set up.


Still, if you’re looking for a tactical WW2 shooter, Day of Infamy is worth a look. It’s reasonably priced and well executed. It brings thrilling and at times brutal experience that requires teamwork and tactical play. Hell, it’ll probably be a better game than Call of Duty: WWII.


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