Icarus the Owl

Dear Reader,

Combining catchy pop with technical math rock, Icarus the Owl have a sound that truly is their own, something that is rare these days. Basically that means you can sing along like it’s any other pop song yet still act like a pretentious asshole who listens to music purely for the talent involved at the same time.

I’d say both their albums Love Always Leviathan and their self-titled album are easily two of my favorite albums of all time and I’d struggle to pick my favorite between the two of them. Both albums demonstrate Icarus the Owl’s dynamic, energetic and whimsical music perfectly.

I do also enjoy their other albums, The Spotless Mind and Pilot Waves, however I’d argue both aren’t quite on the same level as the other two albums. In the case of The Spotless Mind, it very much feels like a first album where a band is still finding itself, and for Pilot Waves, I’d say it feels more restrained than their previous work. That being said I’d still highly recommend both of those albums.

Earlier this year Icarus the Owl released a cover of Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles”. No plans for a new album have been announced yet but hopefully we’ll hear from them soon.


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Jack Fretwell

I love violent shooters, crime movies starring Benicio Del Toro and happy sounding songs that read sad.

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