Famous People With Worthless Opinions

Dear Reader,

With Donald Trump’s rise to presidency last year many celebrities leaning on the left have felt the need comment on their distaste for him, much like right leaning celebrities did the same for Obama. The most recent example is some lady with the last name Griffin (I do not care to look up some D-List celebrity’s name) holding up the fake head of Mr. Trump. To me this kind of publicity stunt is really lame. She added nothing to the debate. It’s nothing more than a desperate cry for attention that everyone has (for some reason) given her.

I’ve never cared for an entertainer’s political leanings. It rarely has an effect on their art, and even if it does, a good artist will still focus primarily on their art. Worrying about who an actor votes for or what a singer wants from government honestly comes across as a waste of time. Enjoy an entertainer for their entertainment, not their opinion.


Your Writer


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