Carrion Part Five: Authority

Lucius polishes Kane’s pistol. Maybe it isn’t the most practical weapon in this day and age, but Lucius is certain it’s been proven more than effective. Hopefully, his new deputy will also prove his worth. As he places the gun down on his desk, he hears a deputy call out “Kane’s here sir.”


Yes sir.”

Let him in.”

Kane enters walking on his new legs. Lucius’ eyes widen at the surprise of him walking so soon. Then again some people  “Take a seat.”

Lucius reaches into his desk, grabbing a deputy’s badge and a pistol. Kane sits down at the desk as Lucius says “Good to see you walking. Especially so soon.”

Thanks sheriff.”

Here. I got you a badge and your pistol.”

Kane instantly grabs the gun and performs a brass check, finding a .45 hollowpoint in the chamber. Lucius states “I haven’t got any spare pistols, so you’ll have to use your own for now.”


So, you up for a little investigation?”

Right now?”

No time like the present.”

Yeah, I’m down for it.”

Good.” Lucius stands up and heads for the rifle cabinet to his left, before asking “You a scattergun man, or is a two-two-three more your flavor?”

Depends on a job.”

Trailer park.”

Carbine then.”

Suit yourself,” Lucius states as he grabs a short barred AR-15 from the rack and hands it to Kane. The ten and a half inch barrel will prove easy to maneuver and at short range, it’s unlikely he’ll miss the lessened velocity of the short barrel. The Trijicon red dot sight will make rapid targeting a breeze and the Surefire flashlight will provide the option of illumination. On the end of the muzzle is a compensator, which will give off brighter muzzle flash in exchange for less recoil.

Next, he checks the selector. Safe and semi only. No full auto to go rock and roll with, not that Kane needs it. Finally, he checks the chamber, finding a round waiting. Kane looks to Lucius, who holds a Mossberg pump action shotgun. As he hands a satchel holding four magazines to Kane, he says “Alright Kane I’ll fill you in on these cockroaches as we drive out there.”


Kane follows Lucius to his pick up truck. Inside Kane asks “So who we hunting down?”

You know those cocksmokers who tried to punch your ticket? They came from the nearby trailer park.”

I’m assuming we’re not asking questions?”

There are a few people who’ll know what we want to know. The locals might not be too happy about our presence so the long guns are a precaution.”

So let me guess, the residents are rather sketchy?”

Methheads, alcoholics, whores, and thieves. It’s a meeting place for every low-rent scumbag around. Don’t feel bad if you shoot any of them.”

Nobody hires me for my feelings.”

That’s the spirit boy.”

How long’s the drive?”

Fifteen or so minutes.”

Right. Any trouble on the roads?”

Maybe the occasional deer.”

Roadkill for later?”

If we’re lucky.”

After shared laughter, Kane asks “Hey, you ever hear about Kid Lighting?”

That son of a bitch? Nothin’ but a myth.”

What about Big Thunder?”

Big Thunder? Me and my deputies killed him in one hell of a gunfight.”

Was Silas one of your deputies?”

Why do you ask that?”

He claims he killed both of them that day.”

Then he’s a liar. Never took the doc for being a liar.” There are plenty liars about these days. Silas or Lucius could both be lying. The truth tends to get lost as the bullets fly. Anything he hears of Kid Lighting and Big Thunder will be taken with a grain of salt.

Kane notices a car behind him and Lucius on the road. Could just be a coincidence, but it’s always good to have a plan in case he’s trouble. With thirty rounds in his carbine, Kane knows he can put some serious firepower onto anyone who fucks with him tonight.

Eventually, Lucius enters the caravan park. The lights were off in every house. Dogs bark at their presence, surely alerting the residence. He’s inside one big target if anyone decides to open fire. Surely enough lights in various houses begin to turn on. Weapons are most likely being readied. Kane clicks his seatbelt and gets ready to leave the pickup if gunfire breaks out.

Lucius then stops the pick up at the last two trailers and says “It’s this one to the right.”

Alright,” Kane says as he opens the door and leaves the death trap. Next, he looks to the trailer on the right. Lights aren’t on. Heavy sleepers about to get one hell of a wake-up call. Kane approaches the door and says “Stay outside.” He then kicks the door open and charges inside. He looks to his right where a shadowy figure scuffles up so he shines the light on it and barks “Don’t fucking move.”

The naked man is fully illuminated. He puts his hands up and groans “Who the fuck are you?”

You the one who sent Eric?”

Shit.” The man sighs.

Yeah it’s me, asshole.” Kane flicks the safety of his carbine off. One wrong move and Kane’s ready to ventilate the cocksucker in front of him.

What are you doing?” A woman says. Kane glances around behind a man to see a woman lying in the bed.

So a bald man was here, right?” Kane asks as he notices the woman move for something. His carbine barks twice. The violent noise echoes in the tiny trailer, dazing the man who Kane proceeds to shoot twice in the chest and once in the head. Finally, he executes the woman with a point-blank headshot.

The noise summons some of the locals. Lucius starts firing his shotgun at some of the residents who approach from his left as he moves forward to the trailer in front of him for cover. Kane peaks out of the doorway and shines the light to the left. He sees a man pop his head out of his cabin, so Kane fires rapidly at him, causing the man to collapse lifeless. Once he falls his partner wails at the top of her lungs.

That’s when he hears a dog barking. Kane looks to see a rottweiler charge down the road, looking to take a chunk out of Lucius. Before it gets any closer Kane unleashes a second barrage as Lucius fires his shotgun. The dog is torn to shreds by the relentless gunfire. That’s when Lucius shouts “I need to start my truck.”

Wait there,” Kane says as he proceeds to reload his rifle. Once his gun is topped off he rushes to Lucius who empties his shotgun into a curious resident. As Kane moves forward a bullet penetrates the trailer in front of him and flies past his head. He hits the ground as Lucius does the same before drawing his sidearm. Kane knows staying still is a death sentence, so he shouts “Stay there, I’m going to kill these cocksuckers.”

He heads to the far side of the trailer in front of him, shifting the stock to his left shoulder so he exposes less of his body when he looks around the corner. Once Kane moves around the side of the trailer he sees a man exiting his home. The man asks “What the hell’s going on?”

Kane answers by squeezing the trigger. As the man collapses, Kane turns around to see a woman looking out the back window of her mobile home. He sweeps the muzzle of his carbine at her and she ducks back down before Kane decides to shoot her.

There’s a lull in gunfire. Kane looks around for any more targets, before he decides to head back to Lucius. Any residents still alive hopefully understand that as long as he and Lucius where there, that they are the authority. As he comes around the trailer Lucius is hiding behind, he says “You okay?”

Yeah I’m good.”

Alright, you good to move?”


Kane heads over to Lucius’ position, before saying “Move.”


Silas finally arrives at the other end of the trailer park, out of breath. Back in the day, he was much faster. He sees a dark figure moves towards the pickup truck. A light then shines at him, illuminating the sheriff’s pick up truck, and the person getting into the truck. Silas aims his M1 Garand and fires a single shot at Lucius, defying the boy’s perceived authority.

Upon seeing the muzzle flash from Silas’ rifle, Kane unleashes rapid gunfire at Silas, who hits the deck. Kane then proceeds to move to the back of the pickup, firing to keep his attacker under control. Despite all the rounds flying way above him, Silas remains calm and fires twice. One round crashes into Kane’s mechanical arm, whilst the other smashes into his carbine, instantly disabling it.

Kane continues to the pick up as Silas lets off another round that flies right past him. He then leaps into the back of the pickup truck as Silas fires another two shots, one of which smacks into one of Kane’s mechanical legs.

Now in the back of the pickup, Kane shouts “Move.”

Lucius gives no reply, so Kane shouts “You there Sheriff?”

The car’s engine turns on as Lucius groans “Hang on a second.”

Despite having been shot in the shoulder, Lucius gets up and turns the engine on before putting it into drive. Next, he turns the lights on before slamming on the gas. With the light, Silas can now see Lucius’ head, so he loops the sling around his arm to stabilize the rifle before taking the shot.

The well-aimed shot hits with surgical accuracy, striking Lucius in the back of the head. Kane witnesses the glass and chunks of Lucius’ head spray onto him, so he knows he has to get into the driver’s seat. As Kane hops out of the back of the vehicle, Silas waits for his next shot. He watches as Kane throws the sheriff out of the vehicle. Kane falls as Silas takes the shot, causing him to miss.

The empty clip from Silas’ rifle ejects as Kane gets up. Silas reaches for a spare clip as Kane sprints towards the vehicle before getting inside. With a new clip loaded, Silas sends the bolt home. Next, he shoulders the rifle but Kane had taken a wide turn whilst slamming down on the accelerator. Silas knows he’ll be just pointlessly slinging lead if he fires. He’ll have to catch up with Kane. Maybe those fancy rifles have a bit more merit than Silas once thought.



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I love violent shooters, crime movies starring Benicio Del Toro and happy sounding songs that read sad.

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