Carrion Part Six: Greyson

Kane gets on the road as soon as possible. He knows that he won’t last long in the desert without any food or water. He needs to get back to where this all began. The city where he’d met his employer: Jackson.

He hopes Jackson is close. The roads almost seem aimless at times. The desert rarely offers landmarks, if any at all. Just a barren road with barren land. Finally, after a seemingly endless amount of miles, a sign appears. Jackson 39 miles.

The Sheriff’s car finally gives, just as he enters Jackson. Out of all the things that could’ve gone wrong this night, a broken down car wasn’t too bad. Acquiring a new vehicle might prove to be problematic but for now, Kane has other things on his mind.

He walks down the streets of Jackson, which had managed to stand throughout the Collapse whilst its citizens fell into rioting and chaos, the scars of which still remain in the form of the occasional burnt out building and broken window. His destination is the Greyson apartments, where his employer had allowed him to live. The rooms might not be considered fancy by pre-Collapse standards, but it had a bed, a kitchen, and a TV so in the post-Collapse world it’s somewhat luxurious. Mr. Greyson had managed to weasel himself into a comfortable position where all he had to do was sit in his penthouse and wait for all the money to come in.

Inside Kane grabs his Undercover .38 snub nose revolver and spare phone he’d left there. Right now he figures it’s best to contact his employer, although not at this hour. Mr. Greyson will most likely be angry to find out he’d failed, no need to wake him up to tell him the bad news.

Sleep is not an option. His mind’s not ready for rest. There’s nothing left to do but waste the hours on TV. Everything had gone wrong. The Sheriff’s dead, and even he was taking advantage of Kane, it was still a job and a job meant money, which meant survival. On top of that, he’s lost three limbs and almost had his face burned off. There are only so many times a man can get lucky.

The re-runs of old dramas from the pre-Collapse era run their course and Kane eventually gives in to his body’s need for sleep, if only for an hour. Once rested, he realizes the sun has finally come up, so he decides to finally give Mr. Greyson the bad news over the phone. He answers with “Who is this?”

It’s Kane.”

Jeez, I’ve been trying to contact you all week. What the hell happened?”

It went bad. John and Caleb tried to kill me and managed to kill Vincent.”

Shit. So where’s the package?”



I can track them down. Just give me their information.”

Mr. Greyson sighs before saying “I can’t afford to keep you employed.”


They’re long gone by now. It’s best we just cut our losses.”

I’m not asking for pay. I just want information.”


They took something from me, that I’ll never get back.”

Look, those two are long gone by now. I’ll call you if I have any work, but don’t hold your breath.”

Kane hangs up his phone and throws it against the wall. How could Mr. Greyson just let this slide? That package was apparently worth a small fortune. Kane realizes he’s on his own. If he wishes to find Caleb and John he’ll have to do it himself.

He heads to John’s room first. Maybe he left a clue or some sort. After giving the door a good kick, he’s enters. Inside flips couches and mattresses, throws pictures off the wall and opens every cupboard. Anything to find a shred of evidence, but there was nothing. The room is spotless. He has nothing to go on. Not here anyway. Kane heads to Caleb’s room and repeats the process, but to no avail. The only things they’d left Kane was a disfigured face and a burning desire for revenge he cannot satisfy.

That’s when two men enter the room. Both had shotguns in hand, and shirts that read ‘Security’. They are part of Greyson’s personal security detail. Kane looks at them and growls “What is it?”

You’ve been causing a disturbance, bothering the local residents. Mr. Greyson has asked you to leave.” One of the security guards says.

Kane groans before standing up. Not like he’s going to do much against two men with shotguns in hand. Not immediately anyway. One of them approaches him and says “You’ll also have to surrender your weapon. We’ll give it back to you once you are off the premises.”

Sure.” Kane grips the pistol and draws it, before holding it out in an open palm. As one of the guards grabs it, Kane draws the revolver from his left pocket and shoots him twice. He turns to the other guard who stands stunned by the sudden gunfire. Kane doesn’t waste a second, shooting him with the last three rounds in the gun. With both of his targets on the ground, Kane grips his 1911 and executes both men with a shot to the head.

Next Kane grabs a Mossberg Maverick 88 pump action shotgun from one of the dead guards. Next, he works the action to ensure a round is in the chamber. He knows that he’ll have to extract the information he wants from Mr. Greyson in person. He knows that Mr. Greyson will have to go down from his penthouse to the lobby to get to the lobby. Surely the gunfire has alerted the rest of the security in the building.

Kane opens the door and waits for his targets to arrive. He keeps the shotgun trained on the elevator. Only an amateur would take the elevator. With the scattergun, it’ll be a death trap. To his surprise the elevator doors begin to open, revealing multiple targets inside. Kane begins firing rapidly, unleashing a barrage of buckshot. Once his Mossberg runs empty, Kane draws his 1911 and runs towards the elevator.

As he arrives in front of the elevator he witnesses one of the guards stand up. Kane stops and then aims his 1911 at him before unleashing a furious barrage of gunfire. The man falls down so Kane enters the elevator and presses the button for the ground floor. As the elevator heads down he reloads his gun with his final spare magazine.

The elevator opens to the lobby, where Kane sees the guard from the door. Kane shoots him thrice in the chest, causing him to slumps against the wall, so Kane shoots him in the head to ensure his demise. Next, he leaves the elevator and steps in front of the opening penthouse elevator. Kane cuts the bodyguard down with three shots.

Mr. Greyson retreats to a corner of the elevator, causing his glasses to fall off. The elderly businessman then shrinks down in the corner realizing he has no escape. The blur that is Kane approaches him so he stammers “You’re…you’re crazy.”

Where are they?” Kane points his pistol at Mr. Greyson who stares down the barrel, waiting for it to breath fire.

How shoul…should I know?”

You hired them goddamnit. Where are they?” Kane roars at the top of his lungs.

All… all I know is they came from up, up north.”

Give me your car keys.”

You’re kidding?”

I’m the one with the gun so give me the fucking keys.”

Okay, okay…okay.” Greyson rifles through his pockets and throws his keys out. Kane picks them up as Greyson asks “You can’t seriously considering chasing these two?”

I’ve got nothing left to lose.”

You’ve only got their direction of travel. All this death is for what? You’re not going to get anything back by lowering yourself to the level of those men.”

Kane was already heading to the exit before Mr. Greyson finished his sentence. Kane only has one thing on his mind. The direction of north might not be enough, but it was better than wasting away in an apartment waiting for a job.


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Jack Fretwell

I love violent shooters, crime movies starring Benicio Del Toro and happy sounding songs that read sad.

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